FitMind provides engaging meditation workshops at the top organizations.

Optimize with mental training in the following areas:


Participants train their minds through a series of meditation exercises, while also learning to create healthy mental habits and routines. You can think of Fitmind as a workout program for the brain.


Modules may be purchased separately or in packages. Please contact for pricing.


1-on-1 Exclusive Mental Training

Meditation has historically been taught by teacher to student, allowing for discussion and personalization of practice. Each mind is unique, so it can help to get personlized advice from an expert.

1-hour personal sessions over videoconference with Liam. Please contact for pricing.



Join the likes of Google, Apple, NIKE, AOL and Time Warner by making mindfulness meditation a priority at your company. 


How meditation can help:

“Meditation is a science, the systematic process of training the mind.” - John Yates, PhD


Create a happier, more productive team with FitMind.



22% of companies offered mindfulness training in 2016, with an expected 2x increase next year.



Aetna estimated a $3,000 increase in productivity per employee, 28% stress reduction and 20% improved sleep quality after a meditation program.