Group Training Program

The FitMind program covers these topics:


1-on-1 Exclusive Mental Training

Personal sessions for those wishing to deepen their practice



How It Works

FitMind optimizes mental health and cognitive performance using a scientific method of self-directed neuroplasticity, also known as meditation. 

Meditation has become commoditized in the West through apps and other over-simplified versions of techniques that have been effective for thousands of years.


 FitMind, on the other hand, combines ancient methods with modern science. The program involves breathing techniques, concentration meditation, positive emotional enhancement, and mental reprogramming.


Liam McClintock

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Hi, I’m the creator of FitMind. I started this company because I’m passionate about using meditation to promote mental wellness and maximize cognitive performance. During my childhood I was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and Attention Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). My family has a history of mental health problems, and I’m no exception. After trying therapy and pills with limited success, I discovered a much better solution for my mind: meditation.  

The problem I found with meditation is that there are so many different styles. It’s hard to know where to begin learning. Some methods are complex and difficult to master and others are over-simplified. Based on my research and experience, I combined ancient techniques with a modern scientific understanding of the mind to create an effective and manageable system of mental training, FitMind.  

My background: I studied Psychology and History at Yale University. After graduation, I worked in finance as a private equity associate before leaving to pursue my passion for mental wellness. I have trained in both Yogic/Vedic and Vipassana (Insight)/Mindfulness meditation, with personal and teaching experience in both methods. 

Certification - YTT Meditation Teacher Training by Zuna Yoga