App Support

What if I want to meditate for a shorter or longer time than the guided trainings?

This app teaches you new meditation techniques, and the program is designed such that trainings increase gradually in length. We encourage you to build your own personalized practice around them, especially after completing the 30-day foundational program.

There are currently several free meditation timers available in the app store that you might use (or just your phone timer). And whenever you need guidance, you can always refer back to the instruction provided in the trainings. We do plan on adding an individual practice timer to this app in the future, if our funds allow.

How much does the FitMind program cost?

The first seven sessions are free, and then additional content costs $4.99 per month, a significant discount compared to similar meditation apps. If you truly cannot afford this fee, please reach out to us (, and we will grant you access to the app for free. We feel passionately about bringing a secular and scientific method of meditation to every individual, regardless of financial situation.

What do I get out of subscribing?

Subscribing to the FitMind app unlocks all content, which includes the remainder of the 30-day foundational training program, as well as continuously added lessons and trainings. We also prioritize answering questions from subscribers, either directly or by incorporating them into future trainings and lesson answers.

If I didn't subscribe at the beginning of the program, how do I subscribe now?

By clicking on any of the locked content, the app will prompt you to subscribe.

How do I manage/cancel my subscription?

Go to the Settings app, tap 'iTunes & App Store,' then tap your Apple ID at the top of the screen. Once you're signed in, tap 'Subscriptions.' From here you can manage and cancel your subscriptions and subscription settings.

I finished the 30-day foundational training program, now what?

Great work! You now have a better understanding of your mind and how to train it than 99.9% of the world's population. That said, like training a physical body, mental fitness requires continued perseverance. The FitMind team will add new trainings and lessons regularly to help you continue to expand your knowledge base.

We encourage you to also revisit the techniques that you found most helpful, or the ones you would like to improve on. Practicing daily (twice per day, if possible!) you might work with one of the attentional training techniques from the first two weeks and then choose one of the trainings to master from weeks three and four. Alternatively, you might repeat the course until you've mastered all of the techniques.

Ultimately, you are your own mental trainer now that you understand your mind and how to train it with meditation!

How do I download a training or lesson?

Tapping the download icon next to a recording will download it in the app for offline listening. We recommend downloading over a WiFi connection, if possible.

I love the FitMind app. What can I do to help spread mental fitness?

First of all, thank you! The best thing you can do to help (beyond your training here) is to tell your friends about the FitMind app. You can do so by sharing any of the trainings and lessons after they are complete. We also really appreciate feedback and ratings in the app store, which make it easier for others to discover us as well. Thank you again for your support!

Still need help or want to get in touch?

We'd be happy to help! Please send an email to